As chapter one closed, we turned the pages and kept going in quite a different direction. Margreta and Benjamin moved across the border, to the capital of Sweden.

Stockholm was the city of choice and live concerts were no longer so easy to perform. Jostein, Kristin and Morten stayed back in tiny little Arendal. So we had a choice. We could let the band go and maybe in the future build up a new band with other people, or we could change our way of thinking. The new idea became to move from the real world into cyberspace. Youtube, to be exact.

Not long after the split, Morten said his goodbyes, and left for Sydney, Australia, pursuing his filmmaking and graphic design dreams. That is not a sad thing at all, since we are all still good friends, but it means that Honestly has gone from being a five-man-band playing live, to two of us making music for Youtube and occasionally getting the opportunity to play a song or two on some stage.

This part of the story you are able to follow really close, and it is fun! Find the #projectstockholm playlist here, or get a taste through these favourite videos of ours right below. If you like what you hear, we would love to hear from you, preferably through our facebook page.

Benjamin Antoni Andersen

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