Darkness & Hope

The first chapter in Honestly’s history started out pretty unplanned. Many of us were playing around in our local church and loved doing so. In the midst of all this playing, I started writing music and found out it was actually worth forming a band around it. I started sneaking some music into the church, but we soon found out the music fits better outside of regular church services or on special events, so we started doing gigs under the name Honestly.

My girlfriend (now wife), Magreta, started learning piano just a bit before the band was formed and she learned very quick. Soon we found ourselves enjoying to put together these songs, and in the beginning we started moving a few steps towards punchier rock ’n’ roll. Have a look.

After that we developed more and more into what you hear on the Darkness and Hope EP, we softened up a little bit and got a new drummer, Jostein. The old drummer’s name was Mathias, and we let him slip into his heavy metal passion as we stole Jostein from Fro-town, a local township far out in the forest. Now we were Jostein Åsen, Kristin Zaar, Morten Furre + me and Margreta—a bunch of good people that would make the core of Honestly for a long, long time.

Shortly after the EP was released things were about to change. You can read more about that in the next chapter or our diary. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are a few shots from the EP release to enjoy before chapter two.

By the way, you can get the EP on iTunes, or listen on Spotify. Hope you enjoy it!

Benjamin Antoni Andersen

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